28/1 - 1/1 - Surfers and Byron

I'll do this, and further blog posts, in English, since I have an academic test in English in a couple of weeks in Oslo, so therefor I thought I'll practice all I can! (It's a pretty expensive test, and I only want to do it once).
Surfers paradise
This is where I met Josefin and Annie <3
We spent one night in a wonderful house with our host Claire. Claire is an extremely open person with very good energy. She works with healing and her specialty is sexual healing! Claire is a very cool lady and super inspiring! Before we left, she gave us a book she'd written. Which all of us three now have started to read. Surfers paradise was nice, but the best thing about Surfers, in my opinion, was to meet Claire!  
Byron bay
First of all: many thanks to Sean (and his room mates!) He's a hero letting us stay at his house! 
Sean :)
We came to Byron bay on Sunday night and the town was packed with people! Sean warned me the town gets pretty busy during Christmas but I'd never thought it'd be that busy! We went to the Beach hotel which was even more packed. I saw a familiar face but wasn't really sure I knew him. Later on we bumped in each other dancing. The familiar face was Vaughan. I met him sailing in Croatia 1,5 years ago during Yacht week, and he was a skipper. Very fun and random meeting him again!
Vaughan and his skinny jeans.
New Year's Eve 
Sunbaked on main beach for a couple of hours. Then we hitchhiked back to Sean's. Drank some bubbly wine, cuddled with Jiggy dog, threw some grapes, danced, laughed a lot and then got the hiccups. Went in to town which was filled with like 100 000 happy and very beautiful people. Had some sushi, danced to some awesome street musicians, went to the beach, laid in the sand on our backs watching the stars, got many warm hugs from random people for the 12 o'clock, drank some more wine and got the hiccups again.
This is the first time I've spent the New Years with sand between my toes, but definitely not the last. That's for sure!
P E A C E !
#jaussie (our hash tag on Instagram).


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