The last couple of days in Australia

After a couple of hectic city-days in Sydney, we went on a day trip to Blue Mountain (like 2 hours west from Sydney by train). The mountains were actually blue. Pretty cool. There were different "attractions" you could do there, and one of them was to ride the steepest railway in the world. And yes it was very steep!
Blue mountain.
One of the things we wanted to tick off in Sydney was to have a night of "goodwineandgoodmusicsothatwecoulddanceourbuttsoff". Luckily the Sydney festival were on, and we had bought tickets to this "Hot Dub Time Machine". And we had no idea what so ever what to come. Anyway Hot Dub played goodies from 1954 to 2014. And it was fucking awesome!
Have a look yourself (it's from another gig though:)
In this writing moment we're in Melbourne, and it's a heat wave going on here. 45 degrees Celsius is the whether forecast. The wind feels like a hair dryer. It's disgustingly hot! We did a fair try sunbaking on the beach but I didn't stay long, it was unbearable. The sun can give me some kind of claustrophobic panic some times. "I.Just.Have.To.Get.Away.From.The.Sun.NOW!!!"
Josefin and I did tattoos our last afternoon in Melbourne. Josefin did pretty flying birds on her wrist and I did a rose on my foot. The rose is a beautiful piece of art, and every time I look at it I smile! The guy that did it was so good! Such a talent (and a sweetheart)! Before we started I warned him that I'm very tickely, he assured me that it would't tickle. Okey, fair enough. And for the record, he was right, it didn't tickle. It didn't tickle at all.


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