Insights discovered in OZ

◾ The aussie-boys are very good looking! And I've never seen that many longhaired dudes gathered in one place at the same time, as I did I Byron bay! Lovely!
◾ I guess Josefin, Annie and I look very Scandinavian, but I'm so fed up hearing that all the time! So therefor I've been "lying" about my origin. For example at New Year's Eve when a poor guy asked me where I came from and wanted to know my name, I introduced myself as Steven and that I was from India (and said this with an Indian accent.)
Other places I've been from is:
Melbourne, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Kongo and Tomorrowland.
◾ A smart thing on the Australian trains is that the train seats are changeable. So you'd never have to go backwards if you don't wish so.
◾ It's left traffic here, and this means not only keeping left on the road driving a car but also keeping left on pavements or in escalators. This took me about a week to discover. When I passed people on pavements (and I was walking on the right side) I thought to my self: "keep to your own side for crying out load, you moron!" Off course I was wrong. Keep always to your left and you'll avoid an embarrassing crash.
◾ We've been eating out heaps. And the service is by far the best I've experienced. Professional, friendly, smiley and very quick waiters calling you honey or sweetie (which I love!), and asking you how you are and how your day been. And over all excellent food and wine to a very reasonably price! 
◾ The traffic lights are extreeeeemly slow! You push the button to get the green light, and you have to wait for ages and ages before the light switches to green. And when it finally goes green, you literally have to run over the street, before it turns to this stressful flashing red light.
◾ Australia is a wonderful country! 
p e a c e a n d l o t s o f l o v e
                                                 <3 <3 <3

Sydney and Melbourne

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The last couple of days in Australia

After a couple of hectic city-days in Sydney, we went on a day trip to Blue Mountain (like 2 hours west from Sydney by train). The mountains were actually blue. Pretty cool. There were different "attractions" you could do there, and one of them was to ride the steepest railway in the world. And yes it was very steep!
Blue mountain.
One of the things we wanted to tick off in Sydney was to have a night of "goodwineandgoodmusicsothatwecoulddanceourbuttsoff". Luckily the Sydney festival were on, and we had bought tickets to this "Hot Dub Time Machine". And we had no idea what so ever what to come. Anyway Hot Dub played goodies from 1954 to 2014. And it was fucking awesome!
Have a look yourself (it's from another gig though:)
In this writing moment we're in Melbourne, and it's a heat wave going on here. 45 degrees Celsius is the whether forecast. The wind feels like a hair dryer. It's disgustingly hot! We did a fair try sunbaking on the beach but I didn't stay long, it was unbearable. The sun can give me some kind of claustrophobic panic some times. "I.Just.Have.To.Get.Away.From.The.Sun.NOW!!!"
Josefin and I did tattoos our last afternoon in Melbourne. Josefin did pretty flying birds on her wrist and I did a rose on my foot. The rose is a beautiful piece of art, and every time I look at it I smile! The guy that did it was so good! Such a talent (and a sweetheart)! Before we started I warned him that I'm very tickely, he assured me that it would't tickle. Okey, fair enough. And for the record, he was right, it didn't tickle. It didn't tickle at all.

5/1-11/1 - Port Macquaire and Sydney

We rented a car from Coffs Harbour, and I like driving so I ended up driving all the way to Sydney. Thanks to Josefin and Annie I stayed on the right side of the road (which is the left side).
Our first stop was Port Macquarie, where we spent two nights at Rob's house with his two lovely kids. Thank you!
In Port Macquarie we drove around visiting different wine yards, tasting wine and stealing some grapes from the wine ranks. We also visited a koala hospital. A hospital for injured and sick koalas, the koalas were bigger than I thought and off course very cute! We were told that the koalas sleep for 23 hours per day, because the eucalyptus leaf they eat make them stoned, as if they were smoking weed.
Lighthouse in Port M.
We left Port Macquarie early in the morning to go to Newcastle, and my only goal in Newcastle was to meet Craig Anderson who lives there (he is in my opinion the best, and hottest, surfer in the world). But I didn't... We didn't stay in Newcastle longer than only for lunch and a very good cup of coffee.
Banks corner. 
Craig Anderson. 
Drove for two moore hours south to Sydney. 
So far in Sydney we've been shopping, eating amazing food, sightseeing, getting a taxi ride for free (because the taxi driver thought it was a delightful to drive us!), sunbaking in Bondi beach, jumping in an air castle, enjoying the view 309 meters up in the air from Sydney Tower Eye (which was actually kinda boring), watching The Hobbit on the worlds biggest IMAX theatre and training on a gym with the Opera house and the Harbour bridge as a view.
View from Sydney Tower Eye.
Bondi beach.
p e a c e 

Mojo and Port Macquaire

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1/1-5/1 - Mojo surf camp

Spent five days at a surf camp in Coffs Harbour. The coaches were very good and a lot of fun surfing with. Had a little bad luck with the waves, so we surfed on long, heavy, slippery foamboards most of the time. So I really got the chance to practice my long boarding skills, which are like non existing. 
The camp was huge! A guy that worked at the camp said that in total we were 282 surfers! Can you imagine the lines queuing for dinner every night? 
Two surf instructors told me they liked my "surf-style". Fuck that made me happy! That's by far the kindest thing someone ever can say to me!
All in all we very much enjoyed our stay at the camp, even though we were served the same kind of food every day (carbs in overload). Even though possums went through our bin in the room during the night and even though there were cockroaches intruding our shoes.
Jumping kangaroos in water.

Byron bay

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28/1 - 1/1 - Surfers and Byron

I'll do this, and further blog posts, in English, since I have an academic test in English in a couple of weeks in Oslo, so therefor I thought I'll practice all I can! (It's a pretty expensive test, and I only want to do it once).
Surfers paradise
This is where I met Josefin and Annie <3
We spent one night in a wonderful house with our host Claire. Claire is an extremely open person with very good energy. She works with healing and her specialty is sexual healing! Claire is a very cool lady and super inspiring! Before we left, she gave us a book she'd written. Which all of us three now have started to read. Surfers paradise was nice, but the best thing about Surfers, in my opinion, was to meet Claire!  
Byron bay
First of all: many thanks to Sean (and his room mates!) He's a hero letting us stay at his house! 
Sean :)
We came to Byron bay on Sunday night and the town was packed with people! Sean warned me the town gets pretty busy during Christmas but I'd never thought it'd be that busy! We went to the Beach hotel which was even more packed. I saw a familiar face but wasn't really sure I knew him. Later on we bumped in each other dancing. The familiar face was Vaughan. I met him sailing in Croatia 1,5 years ago during Yacht week, and he was a skipper. Very fun and random meeting him again!
Vaughan and his skinny jeans.
New Year's Eve 
Sunbaked on main beach for a couple of hours. Then we hitchhiked back to Sean's. Drank some bubbly wine, cuddled with Jiggy dog, threw some grapes, danced, laughed a lot and then got the hiccups. Went in to town which was filled with like 100 000 happy and very beautiful people. Had some sushi, danced to some awesome street musicians, went to the beach, laid in the sand on our backs watching the stars, got many warm hugs from random people for the 12 o'clock, drank some more wine and got the hiccups again.
This is the first time I've spent the New Years with sand between my toes, but definitely not the last. That's for sure!
P E A C E !
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