25/1-27/4 2011 - South Africa + Mozambique (TTride)

Ponto d'oro, Mozambique. Sam Jeanes Photography.

So I've been a bad blogger whislt I was travelling. And now it's been almost four months since I've come home. It would take me like a 100 years to write everything I've done and experienced. So I thought some videos could give a glimpse of my amazing trip in South Africa and Mozambique instead. (And to be fair - videos are more fun than letters).

I've met some amazing people. Who I really miss! LOVE TO YOU ALL!

This video is a promo from Ticket to ride, and it basically sums the trip up.

One of the videoblogs.

My sweet little group.

The youtube-people have turned the sound off on my bungy jump video. Annoying!!! (The actual jump is from 2:00).

When we were in East London I got a weird outgrowth on my forehead. This is not a flattering video of me, but it's a fun memory.

In Tofo, Mozambique, on our way to the ATM (1 hour away by car). I hadn't used my VISA card for weeks so therefore I unfortunately couldn't remember my pincode so, no money for me... 

We called this surfspot "the point" I don't know if that's the right name or not. Surfed there once, and got a bad fincut on my thigh and lost one of my fins. But fun anyways. And beautiful.

And here is some of the anthems of the trip:

Lil Wayne - Right above it feat. Drake

DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Wiz Khalifa - Black and yellow

Biggie vs. Tupac vs. The Xx - Runnin' with The Xx

Sam Jeanes Photography.

                                                       P E A C E !


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