5/1-11/1 - Port Macquaire and Sydney

We rented a car from Coffs Harbour, and I like driving so I ended up driving all the way to Sydney. Thanks to Josefin and Annie I stayed on the right side of the road (which is the left side).
Our first stop was Port Macquarie, where we spent two nights at Rob's house with his two lovely kids. Thank you!
In Port Macquarie we drove around visiting different wine yards, tasting wine and stealing some grapes from the wine ranks. We also visited a koala hospital. A hospital for injured and sick koalas, the koalas were bigger than I thought and off course very cute! We were told that the koalas sleep for 23 hours per day, because the eucalyptus leaf they eat make them stoned, as if they were smoking weed.
Lighthouse in Port M.
We left Port Macquarie early in the morning to go to Newcastle, and my only goal in Newcastle was to meet Craig Anderson who lives there (he is in my opinion the best, and hottest, surfer in the world). But I didn't... We didn't stay in Newcastle longer than only for lunch and a very good cup of coffee.
Banks corner. 
Craig Anderson. 
Drove for two moore hours south to Sydney. 
So far in Sydney we've been shopping, eating amazing food, sightseeing, getting a taxi ride for free (because the taxi driver thought it was a delightful to drive us!), sunbaking in Bondi beach, jumping in an air castle, enjoying the view 309 meters up in the air from Sydney Tower Eye (which was actually kinda boring), watching The Hobbit on the worlds biggest IMAX theatre and training on a gym with the Opera house and the Harbour bridge as a view.
View from Sydney Tower Eye.
Bondi beach.
p e a c e 


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