Insights discovered in OZ

◾ The aussie-boys are very good looking! And I've never seen that many longhaired dudes gathered in one place at the same time, as I did I Byron bay! Lovely!
◾ I guess Josefin, Annie and I look very Scandinavian, but I'm so fed up hearing that all the time! So therefor I've been "lying" about my origin. For example at New Year's Eve when a poor guy asked me where I came from and wanted to know my name, I introduced myself as Steven and that I was from India (and said this with an Indian accent.)
Other places I've been from is:
Melbourne, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Kongo and Tomorrowland.
◾ A smart thing on the Australian trains is that the train seats are changeable. So you'd never have to go backwards if you don't wish so.
◾ It's left traffic here, and this means not only keeping left on the road driving a car but also keeping left on pavements or in escalators. This took me about a week to discover. When I passed people on pavements (and I was walking on the right side) I thought to my self: "keep to your own side for crying out load, you moron!" Off course I was wrong. Keep always to your left and you'll avoid an embarrassing crash.
◾ We've been eating out heaps. And the service is by far the best I've experienced. Professional, friendly, smiley and very quick waiters calling you honey or sweetie (which I love!), and asking you how you are and how your day been. And over all excellent food and wine to a very reasonably price! 
◾ The traffic lights are extreeeeemly slow! You push the button to get the green light, and you have to wait for ages and ages before the light switches to green. And when it finally goes green, you literally have to run over the street, before it turns to this stressful flashing red light.
◾ Australia is a wonderful country! 
p e a c e a n d l o t s o f l o v e
                                                 <3 <3 <3


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